Special Session

Poultry Parasites: Emerging Issues

Veterinary 2016 welcomes participants, visitors, delegates and exhibitors from all over the world to the glorious city of London, United Kingdom. Our conference is focusing on a wide array of topics including veterinary research, veterinary medicine, food animal, veterinary forensics, avian and exotics, animal reproduction and genetics, animal welfare, clinical veterinary, veterinary economics, recent developments, veterinary care and management and animal models and testing. Veterinary 2016 focuses on the recent developments taking place in the field of veterinary. We aspire that this veterinary event would help to converge private industry in areas such as marketing of animal-health commodities, monitoring of animal health in large scale animal-production programs, and biomedical research.

All animals carry parasites which have evolved to live on or in certain species, each species having their own type of parasite which may or may not live briefly on say, a human. Some of the parasites are benign and some are pathological. Keeping all parasites at a low level should be the aim of poultry keepers.

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Olivier Sparagano

Associate Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research)
Coventry University

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